Homevest Living Perks!

Homevest Living is a property management company focused on bringing you modern, dynamic and fast-forward community living. Find beautiful spaces with fully furnished apartments, co-living, and private rooms for rent. At Homevest Living, your rent gets you more.

7 Benefits of renting with Homevest Living! 

#1 Easy Payment Plan
Our easy payment plan allows flexibility on your rental. You can elevate your standard of living by payment less rental per month. 

#2 Zero Deposit 
Once you pass the Zero Deposit Eligibility Check partnered with Experian, you can move into your dream home without paying a single cent of deposit. 

#3 Express and Personalised Check In 
With our Mobile App, all Check-In procedures can be done online before your move-in-day. Enjoy your big day as our representative will be at your door to welcome you into your new home. 

#4 Housekeeping and Maintenance Service 
Housekeeping and Maintenance Services will be provided to upload the living standard of your home.

#5 High Speed WiFi
Attend work conference call or enjoy streaming your favourite movies with high speed WiFi at your new home. 

#6 Household and Personal Safety 
Your safety matters to us. Burglary insurance will be provided to protect you against incidents or theft to your property, while a community doctor will be at your service for any health concerns.

#7 Complimentary Moving Service 
Love our home but dread the hassle of moving? We got your back! Our professional movers will transport your belonggings to your new home safely and stress-free. 


Watch how simple is it for Phoebe to rent a home with Homevest Living: 
Homevest Living - Co-Living with us is Cost-Effective & Hassle-Free!