Frequently Asked Questions

Our guests may enjoy free utilities (water & electricity) in the common area. All our rooms come with their private electricity submeter and our tenants are only required to pay for the air condition usage in their own rooms.

All our rooms offer great value for their price. We have more than 1000 rooms and units at various locations & prices to cater each individual's budget and preference.

Let us know what your budget is and we will find you a suitable room. On top of that, we also offer promotions and campaigns such as our Zero Deposit Move In, Free Utilities, Free Mover Service and not to forget, our Rent2Own Program to make it an even better offer!

Our minimum tenure at the moment is 6 months, however we do have Airbnb units that you may book as short as even a day. Check with us for further information.

Homevest offers Zero Deposit Move In to all eligible guests. You are only required to submit the relevant documents to see if you are eligible.
In the event that you are not eligible for this campaign, you have the option of a 1.5 or 2.5-month deposit.
* Deposits will be fully refunded after all outstanding bills are cleared and the room is return to its original state.

Our team of professional cleaners will clean the common areas weekly. You may also have the option to request for your room to be cleaned at a small fee.

We allow our tenants to bring their guests as long as they follow the rules and do not cause any discomfort to the other housemates.

  1. Guests are only allowed to visit, not allowed for overnight
  2. Only female guests are allowed into “Female Only” units

Our rooms come fully equipped with a bed & mattress (queen/single), personal wardrobe, study table & chair, air conditioner, lights & fan. You are only required to bring your own linens and toiletries for hygiene purposes.

All Homevest Living units are smoke-free units.

All Homevest Living units are pet-free units.

Parking lots are available at a small fee subject to availability.

Tenants may not alter or install any part of the home without first informing and obtaining the Landlord’s consent in writing. This is a term in the tenancy agreement.

Yes you can use the common area, however please do not clutter the area with your personal belongings and must considerate of your co-tenants.